Inclusive Education Policy

  •  The college is committed to equal opportunity admission based on merit to all students with or without disability. The college has support services available for persons with disabilities as well as an Enabling Committee that looks at concerns and solutions for effective Inclusive Education practices.
  • As a current or prospective student with a disability if you have any queries, please feel free to contact Ms Poonam Deokar/Mr Ketan Kothari, XRCVC,; 022 22623298/22626329.

Inclusive Education Facilities on Campus

XRCVC ( - Resource Centre: XRCVC is the department for students with disabilities. The centre works to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities. In addition to meeting the needs of students on campus, the XRCVC is also actively involved in promoting inclusion and access across the country through its range of advocacy and awareness programmes.

Coordinator, Students with Disabilities: The co-ordinator is also placed at the resource centre who will be the main person to process all student requests and needs.

The Enabling Committee: The Enabling Committee is a staff cum student representative committee that looks into all inclusion and accessibility needs on campus. The committee is headed by the principal. It plans various inclusion-related initiatives on campus.

Student Inclusion Cell (SIC): The SIC is a student body that works for inclusion and accessibility on campus. The SIC is headed by a faculty co-ordinator and works with a team selected on an annual basis. The SIC works on diverse projects and events to promote awareness amongst the student community on inclusion and also provides support to ensure the effective delivery of the inclusion ethos on campus. The SIC can be reached at

Inclusive Education Accommodation Request Process:

It is imperative for students with disabilities who seek to have any accommodations during their course of study to complete the process of submitting the Inclusive Education Accommodation/Continuation form within 15 days from the start of the new academic year for the specific class. Any delays in not meeting the deadline to submit the form will be taken as the student not needing any accommodations. It should be kept in mind that if the student has not filled out the accommodation intake form, the college is not mandated to provide any accommodation services.

Any student seeking accommodation needs to seek an appointment with Ms Poonam Deokar, Co-ordinator, Students with Disabilities, XRCVC as soon as possible on grant of admission/beginning of the new academic year. After the meeting with the co-ordinator the student is to fill the Intake/Continuation Form within 15 days. The co-ordinator will share the process with the students.

The last date for filling out the forms for the academic year 2024-25;

  • F.Y.J.C: 15 days from the first day of college
  • First-year degree college: 15th July 2024.

The student will be granted their accommodation letter after being passed by the Enabling Committee.

The students are then expected to share a copy of this letter with all teachers teaching them. The student is also expected to share the letter with any new teacher who starts teaching them during the year. The students must do this within seven days of being issued the letter or within seven days of a new teacher starting to teach. If the student fails to share this letter with their respective teachers the college may not be in a position to provide the support granted.

In case of any grievances with the accommodations granted or special requests not included in the form, the students may approach the principal at

In case of any queries please contact Ms Poonam Deokar/Mr Ketan Kothari, XRCVC, /; 022 22623298/22626329.

To know the details of provisions (academic and examination) available for students with disabilities please
read the Intake Form/Continuation form.