• Practicum based training in Counselling skills.

  • The Course is a Self Exploratory journey as the students get to work on their own issues.

  • Week-end workshops on self awareness, group therapy etc.

  • Students are given an opportunity to make presentations on various therapies.

  • Students are encouraged to take on clients under supervision of the faculty.

  • This Post-graduate Diploma is under the government-granted autonomous status of St. Xavier's College.

Classes are held on campus


  1. Those with a Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, or Human Development (Developmental Psychology) are eligible to apply.
  2. Students who have appeared for their MA part 2 and are awaiting results may apply for the course.
  3. We would also consider people in the helping field with a post graduate degree. However the final decision rests with the Board of studies.


Number of seats: 25


CPP 01 Counselling Skills and Processes:

Theory & Practice: An introduction to counselling principles, philosophy and practice, with an emphasis on counselling processes and skills through the use of structured exercises, role plays and audio/video simulations of counselling interviews.

CPP 03 Development across the Lifespan and Counselling:

Each stage of life presents issues and challenges that are characteristic of that specific stage. Counselling is used to address these issues throughout one’s lifespan. The aim of the module is to understand the context and framework of the issues and provide support through the process of counselling.

CPP 05 Conventional Personality Theories and Therapies:

This module covers the more conventional personality theories and psychotherapies to help the students learn how to select wisely those aspects that can be incorporated into their own developing personalized style of counselling. Psychoanalysis, Rogerian therapy, Logotherapy, Gestalt therapy are examples of the theories and therapies aimed to covered.

CPP 02 Counselling Practicum:

This module is designed to develop and refine the skills into the “craft” of counselling by acquiring and using various fundamental skills associated with the four major stages of the counselling process: Relationship, Assessment/Goal-setting, Strategy Selection /Implementation and Evaluation/Termination. It involves a counselling internship in setups like schools and NGOs, where students are guided by their supervisor.

CPP 04 Psychopathology:

This module examines selected neurotic, psychotic, developmental and character disorders from DSM V and considers diagnostic and treatment issues, using practical, theoretical perspectives and research. The module traces the development of psychopathology in individuals. It focuses on understanding causes, symptoms and treatment. The aim of the module is to aid counselors to understand, recognize the disorder in the Indian context and their role in this process.

CPP 06 Contemporary Personality Theories and Therapies:

This module covers the more conventional personality theories and psychotherapies, beyond those covered in CPP 05. The aim of which is to once again help the students select wisely those aspects that can be incorporated into their own developing personalized style of counselling. Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Somatic Therapy are examples of the theories and therapies aimed to covered.

CPP 07 Career Counselling and Practicum

This module serves as an introduction to the psychology and sociology of work and career choice using career development theories and standardised ability, aptitude, achievement, interest and personality tests in the career counselling process.

Students learn to use counselling strategies, career-planning resources and to disseminate information on careers. Experience in evaluating strengths, weaknesses and biases of various testing instruments, laboratory experience in administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests are provided in the Career Counselling Practicum.

*Course and Course material are subject to revision to make it more relevant.

Programme Schedule

This course has a total of 21 credits which are covered in three trimesters of 3-4 months’ duration each, beginning in July with a two-week break for Diwali and Christmas.

Lectures are held every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Requirements for all courses include 85% attendance, class participation, submission of all assignments, typewritten and the reading of course material.


The course starts in the first week of July and classes go on till March.

After this there is a supervised practicum in career counselling in the month of April. Career/Psychometric tests are conducted from 8 am to 12.30 pm on two days and the results are given out on the third day. Counsellors (Students ) are requested to be at the XICP for the practicum from 7.45 am to 3.00 pm on both these days to administer the tests and from 8 am to 9 am on the 3rd day for a report-giving session with the parents and clients. Attendance for the practicum is compulsory.

  • Students are expected to do 40 hours of supervised practicum during the course and discuss their cases in class.
  • Students are required to work for a minimum of 10 hours at any Old Age or Geriatric Care Home.
  • It is mandatory for students to go through personal counselling themselves while they are doing the course.

How to Apply

  1. Fill in the prescribed form. You can down load the application form.

  2. Attach a typed letter of intent stating why you have chosen to do this course [not more than 500 words].

  3. On submission of the application form by email, the candidate is given a date for an interview on the basis of which the selection will be made.

  4. Carry original and one photocopy of each relevant educational certificate at the time of the interview (Graduation and Post graduation certificates only). If you have done any other counselling related courses, kindly carry the certificates. Carry a print out of your application form with a passport size photograph affixed.

  5. Tuition fees must be paid within 5 days of selection.

Registration fee of Rs.1000/- 

Tuition fees: Rs. 68,000/- plus GST = Rs. 80,240/-

Please Note: There is no last date for submission of applications. We close admission the day we select the 25 applicants.

For details: e-mail: or contact 9324084592.