Social Involvement Programme

Guidelines for a meaningful Social Involvement Programme participation for 2020-21 only


In this era of globalization and market orientation, people across the globe have become increasingly selfish and egocentric. The advent of quick-fix cyber solutions has created a generation of impersonal communicators. To counter this, the Social Involvement Programme (S.I.P.) department performs a vital function in St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, by shifting the students’ focus from self to the other. In the academic year of 2018-19, 861 students altruistically completed their allotted commitments by immersing themselves in activities with our collaborating Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in various social spheres.

‌S.I.P. Department’s Provisional Activities in 2018-19

The department furthered the scope of social involvement of the students by encouraging them to participate in the following non-regular areas with our non-partner NGOs.

‌No-Honking Awareness Campaign: NGO held campaigns across 10 junctions in Mumbai from Churchgate to Borivali were held on 25 November 2018. Students educated drivers and rider sat signals about the negative aspects of honking. They also stuck “I pledge not to honk,” stickers on various types of vehicles.

‌CAN-A-THON: This event, conducted by the Sanjeevini Organisation highlighted the need for early detection and prevention of cancer. Student volunteers walked from Marine Drive to Charni Road Bridge on 17 February 2019 to spread awareness for this cause.

‌Safe Streets for Mumbai: Students attended a Safe Street Project organised by The Urban Vision on 6 April and 8 April 2019. They gathered community feedback on safe streets at the CSTM traffic junction.

‌Examination-support to Differently-Abled students:Student volunteers supported specially-abled students of the college by being examination-writers for them.

‌Voluntary Stationery Contributions:Through the year, various donated stationery items were collected by the Department and sent to NGOs in urban and rural areas.

‌Audience-Volunteers at NGO events:

These students attended:

‘A Christmas Carol’ Concert at KC College, Churchgate, organised by Noteward.

Thus, through 2018-2019, the S.I.P. Department has continued its legacy of empowering students by exposing them to social, economic, political and psychological realities. It is in keeping with the vision of the college that the S.I.P. contributes towards making students of St. Xavier’s College more empathetic, humble, tolerant and appreciative of their families, for a life without any lack and so, a life of tranquillity.