Rationale for the Course: Ethics is a fundamentally important aspect of personal and social life. Human beings are endowed with the ability to make practical judgements and decisions concerning realities which transcend the natural or factual order of existence. Such decisions are based on various factors such as inclination, education, insight, convention, influence, conviction and argumentation. The academic field of ethics has traditionally been hosted by the larger discipline of Philosophy, especially in higher educational institutions. However, ethics—especially applied ethics—has gained prominence in various professional fields such as health care, business, law, scientific research and public policy. The course is designed to facilitate knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspect of ethics.

Coordinator: Shilpa Chheda [Heras Institute], assisted by a DIRS student team.

Contact details: Ms. Shilpa Chheda: and

Duration: From July to February [Contact class hours in Aug & Sept, and mid-Nov to Jan: Monday and Thursday, from 5.00 to7.00 p.m.].

Contact hours: 64 contact hours for the Diploma.

- OR: 2 independent Certificate Courses of 32 contact hours each.

- OR: 4 independent Modules of 16 contact hours each – each module could be offered as a distinct Honour’s course for Xavier’s students.

Fee Structure:

  • For the Diploma Course: Xavier’s students: Rs. 5,000/-; Other students: Rs. 5,000/- plus GST; General Public/Professionals: Rs. 10,000/- plus GST; Retired Senior Citizens/Those only auditing the course: Rs. 5,000/- plus GST; Foreign participants: 800 Euros / 960 Dollars.
  • For each Certificate Course: Xavier’s students: Rs. 2,500/-; Other students: Rs. 2,500/- plus GST; General Public/Professionals: Rs. 5,000/- plus GST; Retired Senior Citizens/Those only auditing the course: Rs. 2,500/- plus GST; Foreign participants: 500 Euros / 600 Dollars.

  • For each Module: Xavier’s students: Rs. 1,000/-; Other students: Rs. 1,000/- plus GST; General Public/Professionals: Rs. 2,000/- plus GST; Retired Senior Citizens: Rs. 1,000/- plus GST; Foreign participants: 250 Euros / 300 Dollars.