Introduction & background

Demand for IP certified individuals

An understanding of Intellectual property has become inevitable today!

Industries, businesses, Startups, Educational institutions, Government organizations, all require persons skilled in the field of Intellectual Property (IP). This is because IP forms the heart of every enterprise; be it Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Media and Entertainment, Education, Technology, Engineering, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, etc.


Every innovative company/institution requires IP professionals to manage their IP portfolio which includes Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Designs, confidential information, etc.  Additionally, such entities require specialized law firms to protect and enforce their IP portfolio. Therefore, an ever-increasing demand for skilled IP professionals exists in companies/ institutes as well as at law firms.  


The common challenges faced by entities/institutes/companies and law firms are twofold (a) Freshly recruited employees are unaware of the basic IP practices e.g. conducting IP searches, drafting/filing IP applications, conducting IP litigation, effective management of IP, etc. Due to this, entities/companies and law firms are forced to devote tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to train their employees, enabling them to independently execute IP assignments, which may take ~2 years; (b) Yet another issue is that of young employees having 1-2 years of practical or “on the job” training without a formal education on theoretical concepts, to support the acquired understanding of practical knowledge in the subject.


On the other hand, Students are typically exposed to a theory concentrated approach towards IP law and are therefore untrained to execute IP assignments. Whilst at a work place for the first time, they have to rely upon their mentors or seniors for practical training. This may or may not be successful leaving the fresher looking for guidance and directions to acquire necessary IP skills and experience.  


Course objective

This Course aims to address the above challenges and bridge the gap from being a fresher/novice with/without basic IP education to being a skilled IP professional ready to confidently work with any entity/company and/or law firm. The course strives to achieve the minimum standard requirement of quality, exposure and IP practice basics among its learners.  Apart from being well versed with the practicalities of the law, the course also enables the learners to amplify the market value of their skillset from a recruitment perspective. Courses currently available on the subject, provide a theory concentrated approach towards the subject, leaving students ill-equipped to apply concepts of IP to their field of education.


During the Course, Students will be mentored by IP experts and will be assisted to avail internships and employment at prestigious law firms specializing in the field of Intellectual property law. 


International Experience

This course offers learning from international experts in the field of IP. This may include professors / attorneys/ IP agents from US / Europe.


Leaders of the Industry & Network generation

The learners are encouraged to connect with conductors of this course and the selected students forming the class, which will form a pool of experience and network, benefitting each of the learners.


Professional Knowledge, skill & Core skill training

This course aims at providing a sound understanding of at least:

           (a) International IP concepts, Legal Principles, Statutory requirement, industry knowledge and general concepts, in the                         various fields of Intellectual Property;

           (b) Professional skill & Core skill training to accomplish professional tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying                     basic methods, specialized tools and information required for each IP field.



The course will be conducted twice a week:

  • Wednesdays from 8:30 am – 10 am
  • Saturdays From 8:30am – 12 pm


This is an online program with a dynamic mode which will enable students to be a part of on-going cases and matters being conducted in the firm during the duration of the course. The program is heavy on practical training and visual stimulations for higher learning.


All students may enroll for the certificate course latest by July 1, 2022 Since the certificate course forms the base of both the diploma courses, students interested in the diploma may either enroll directly for the diploma latest by July 1, 2022 or first enroll for the certificate course and by January 1st confirm their enrollment to continue into the diploma program.


The Architect of this course is Ms. Ragini Shah


The conductors of this course form a long list including international attorneys/ lecturers. However, our core conductor list is:

    1. Senior Conductor: Mr. Kishu Daswani
    2. Lead Conductors: Ms. Ragini Shah & Mr. Rahul Dhote
    3. Guest Conductor: Ms. Anushree Rauta


Program Details

Basic Course Price

No. Credits

Minimum number of students


₹ 30,000




₹ 50,000




A full-service Law Firm, specializing in the field of IP. The firm has a team of corporate lawyers, patent attorneys, investigators, litigators, and paralegals dedicated to providing legal solutions in the areas of corporate advisory; Intellectual Property; Technology, Media & Entertainment; Civil/Commercial/Criminal Litigation; and Start-Up Legal Solutions.


ANM presently operates from its four offices across India viz. Mumbai (Head Office), Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and has developed a global network catering to its clients’ requirements in more than 60 countries.


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